We are open Wednesdays throughout the summer!  9:15-11:30am



What is CHIPS?

The Children's Indoor Play Society is a non-profit organization created by Moms and Dads to give preschool kids a place to play and interact during the long winter months.  It is run by a board of directors chosen by election from the general membership.

What do Kids do at CHIPS?

CHIPS is a parent supervised playgroup.  There are a variety of toys, bikes, slides and climbing blocks and parties. Your child can move from one area to another freely.  It is a safe, fun environment for burning off lots of kid energy!

When is CHIPS?

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 9:15 to 11:30, September to May except for stat holidays and some no school days. 

Who can come to our special Parties?

Everyone can come!! Members are free and non-members pay $7.00


Wetaskiwin Mall ( in the old Canadian Tire / Western RV space ) address  3725 56 St.  


Who can come to CHIPS?

Children aged 0-7 years are welcome.  Dayhomes are also welcome.


How much does is cost to come to CHIPS?

You can drop in to check out CHIPS for $5.00 to a maximum of fifteen visits were family will have to volunteer to  do a toy wash.  Membership is $80.00 per year for the first child to a maximum of $200.00 per family. Or an option of $300.00 per child with no fundraising obligation. Day homes must have all children register as individuals or as members of their family. All prices are subject to change.


What are my responsibilities as a Member of CHIPS?
  1. You must do one toy wash  (usually an hour).
  2. You must do up to two fundraisers.  The fundraisers are TBA each year.
  3. You must write: (1) toy wash cheque for $200.00 & (1) fundraising cheque for $250.00                                                 
  4. All cheques are held in trust will be returned  to you at the year end annual general meeting.
Who Sponsors CHIPS
CHIPS relays on the membership fees, fundraisers and our signature Kids Sale Event to run CHIPS. All funds go to cleaning supplies, rent, toys, food for parties, party decorations and gifts that we give to our wonderful children who grace us with their smiling faces during our parties. 















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